FAQ about children's consignment

How does Not for Long price items?
Items are typically priced at 40-60% off of the retail price depending on condition.

Why didn't you accept my  item? It was in perfect condition. 
We rely on past experience of what sells and also take store space as well as current inventory into consideration when taking items on consignment. So there are times we will decline a great pair of jeans simply because we know we already have 50 pairs of jeans in that size.  

Why do you only accept 30 items per person per calendar month?
Not for Long works with many, many consignors. In order to give as many consignors as possible the opportunity to bring clothing in, we limit the number of items per month that we accept.  Having so many consignors also gives our selection a good variety so that we have something for everyone to buy.

What is the difference between the 50/50 account and the 60/40 account? 
By agreeing to spend your portion of the proceeds at Not for Long, you'll receive 50% of your item's selling price.  Otherwise you may choose the 60/40 option and use your 40% of the selling price as credit in the store or get paid out by cheque at the end of the term. 

We do not accept any baby gear