Welcome to our Ocean Park boutique where you will find a wide selection of new items as well as high quality pre-loved children's clothing. Our new products include Blundstones, Parkland, Ravensburger, Cobble Hill, Munchboxes, Native shoes, Whistle & Flute, Quiksilver, Roxy, Kamik, Hatley, So Young, Herschel, Hydroflask and so much more.

We are open for in-person shopping (7 people at a time). All customers age 5+ must wear a mask when shopping in store. Our hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm.

You can also shop online 24/7 with free local pick up.


Announcing the soft launch of our NEW buy back program

Beginning now, all customers will be able to ‘trade-in’ Native shoes and Saltwater sandals for store credit. For the moment, only these items please! Over the coming weeks, we will expand our buy back to include all brands of footwear and apparel we stock.

No appointment necessary! Just bring them with you and we will make you an offer. The credit can be applied on the spot against your purchase or you will be given a code to use at a later date.

Footwear must be clean and be in very good to excellent used condition. Natives that are shrunk, stretched or worn smooth on the bottom can not be purchased back.

Natives that are worn out can be returned to us however for recycling! We'll pass them on to Native who recycles them into things like playground mats.


Consignment Update

Whether you have been following us since the beginning or have discovered us recently, you know that we are always adapting and changing!! It is time for change again....this one has been a hard decision, a really hard decision. As of March 1st we will no longer be accepting clothing on consignment.

We cannot sustain the pace we have been working at....consignment sales are down, way down. There seems to be and endless supply of people wanting to sell but not buy. We cannot dedicate as much time and floor space to a category that does not have the financial return that we need. Rest assured we have a few plans up our sleeves to keep a bit of ‘pre-loved’ merchandise in the store.

Beginning in mid April all customers will be able to ‘trade-in’ clothing and footwear that we carry as new brands in the store. Kamik jackets and boots, Blundstones, Muddy Buddys, Native shoes, Hatley pjs etc etc. This will allow us to have a small pre-loved section filled with products whose quality we stand behind. All customers will be eligible to ‘trade-in’ for store credit. This form of consignment does not require anyone to have an account with us or book an appointment.

I know many of you will have questions....please ask away! Either in a comment, a private message or and email. I am here to listen and answer any questions. Please know that this decision has been hard but it is needed to continue the growth of the business. Consignment once was the heartbeat of Not For Long but that was a long time ago. Our carefully curated collection of new products is what we have found everyone is looking for.

Thank you for your continued support