*We are not currently taking new consignors*


Stay up to date! June Consignment Newsletter

Children's Consignment

1. Consignment intake is by appointment only. Booking for each month opens on the first day of the month via our online portal i.e. if you would like an appointment in June you may book online starting on June 1st. Only existing consignors may book online.

2. Select up to 30 of your best items to bring in per appointment (note that a multi-piece outfit such as a matching onesie, pants and hat counts as one item).

We are looking for 'new' or 'nearly new' quality clothing in excellent condition. Clothes should be stylish and current (a maximum of 4 years old) as well as seasonally appropriate. Please see the list below for desired brands.

It is in your best interest to check over your clothes before your appointment and make sure they are clear of stains and flaws. We have VERY good natural light in the store so don't go through your clothes in a dimly lit room or you will be surprised by how many stains you missed! Since you are limited to what you can bring in, make sure to bring us your BEST items.

There will be no exceptions to the 30 piece limit….but we will make openings for seasonal items (snowsuits, winter boots, Halloween costumes, Christmas outfits) which will not require an appointment. In addition our website has a "news feed' on the home page where current consignment information is available.

3. We accept clothing from Preemie to size 12.

4. All items should be freshly laundered no more then 3 days prior to your appointment. We ask that you don't fold everything….it is easier for everyone if it is just laid flat. We will not accept wrinkled clothing.

**Quick tip…don't dry your items completely. Place items in the dryer for 10 minutes and then hang to finish drying. Once hung "finger press" your pieces to make hems and collars flat and ruffles lie nicely.

5. All zippers, buttons and snaps must be closed.

6. Consigned clothing is displayed on our shelves for 3 months with the exception of seasonal items which may be pulled earlier. Items are regular priced for the 1st month, 25% off during the second month, and finally 50% off during the 3rd month before dropping to 75% off for their final week.

7. You have the choice of receiving 40% or 50% of your item's selling price. If you choose 40%, you will receive a cheque at the end of your 3 month term however, revenue can be used at any time to make in-store purchases. If you choose 50%, your revenue is store credit only. Not for Long sets all selling prices.

8. Unsold items are donated to the Maxxine Wright Women's Shelter or the Surrey Women's Center at the end of the term unless we had priced the item at $24 or more. You may choose to have items that were priced at $24 or more returned to you. Please note that if a stain, rip, or missing button is discovered at the time of tagging or once on the racks, the item will be donated without notification. It is the responsibility of the consignor to make sure items come to us in flawless condition. Maxxine Wright and the Surrey Women's Center do not re-sell any donations they receive.

If you choose to have your unsold items that were priced at $24 or more returned at the end of the 3 month term, you must come within two weeks of us contacting you to retrieve your items. If they are not retrieved with two weeks, they will be donated without further notice.

9. After you book your appointment, you'll be sent a confirmation email. It will contain a detailed list of what we are accepting that month.